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“I switched from the obgyn practice I’d been at for years to a midwife at the end of my first trimester because I was looking for a more personalized level of care. And that’s exactly what I received from Jo. Throughout my pregnancy I felt heard and supported and looked after in a way that I’d never experienced with a medical professional. And all that extended to my labor: Jo was a steady, calming, caring presence throughout it all. I trusted her guidance implicitly. Even in the last hour when I thought I couldn’t muster up any more energy, and my uterus had stopped contracting so pushing felt futile, and there seemed to be no end in sight, Jo remained unflappable and that gave me deep wells of strength I didn’t even know I had. Immense gratitude is what I feel for Jo.”



“Jo delivered my first child last year, and thank goodness she did. Her patience and advocacy the minute I got to the hospital, even as progress slowed, helped make sure my dream of a natural birth became a reality. On top of tearing! She’s an extremely capable and smart midwife with a heart of gold. I would highly recommend her any day.”



“Choosing to birth with Jo was the best decision my husband and I ever made.  The holistic way in which she cared for me during my pregnancy truly helped us set the kind of tone we wanted for this special time in our lives.  She is a true professional, communicative and knowledgeable, full of information, with an incredible bedside manner. My family and I always think back to our birthing experience with a sense of deep joy and we will always be grateful to have had Jo be the one to help guide our baby into the world.”



“Jo provides a kind of warm individualized care that is the perfect mix of science based information, minimal-as-possible intervention, with a sisterly spirit sort of bedside manner. There are too many examples to give, but when we had a small complication with the pregnancy, she made sure we understood the diagnosis, guided us through the endless appointments (I came to look forward to seeing her so often) and ensured that we had a birth center type birth on the labor and delivery floor. We were so impressed to see how the nurses and doctors respected her there and above all are so thrilled that she was one of the first people our daughter met.”



“Jo Zasloff was such a gift. I knew I wanted to deliver my second child with midwives in New York and she had been recommended but she was even better than I'd imagined. I looked forward to my check-ups throughout my pregnancy because I knew Jo would put me at ease with her warm presence. I couldn't have been more comforted knowing she was there to catch my daughter (during an extremely fast birth that involved Jo actually running to meet our car at the birth center). She did what needed to be done before, during and after the birth and I was confident she had my and my babies' needs as her #1 priority. That is the kind of care every mother should receive and I'm just one of the lucky ones.”



“Having Jo as my midwife was one of my favorite parts of pregnancy, right up there with a decreased gluten sensitivity. My wife and I got pregnant using reciprocal IVF: we used her eggs and fertilized them with donor sperm. We then transferred the five-day frozen embryo and got one to stick on our second try. By the time we had a successful pregnancy, we experienced our share of doctors visits, blood draws, hospitals, and medical professionals.

At twenty weeks pregnant, I started wanting something that felt less clinical for my pregnancy and birth experience. I thank my lucky stars that Jo and her practice could take us on and I spent the next seventeen weeks happily under her care. Jo was pure magic at delivering our large face-up baby and I have no doubt I would have had a totally different experience if we had stuck with the original OB.



I’ve been a patient of Jo’s for six years, over two practices. I never thought I would so absolutely adore and trust and look forward to seeing a medical practitioner, but Jo is just one of those magical people. From noticing a subtle thyroid abnormality to immaculate gyn care and counseling to supporting me through my first pregnancy and guiding me through the absolutely ideal natural birth of my son (and skillfully preventing a hemorrhage after he was born, so calmly that I didn’t even realize what had happened until it was over), Jo has been a rock for me in my most personal and profound moments, and I recommend her to anyone and everyone, whether you are having a baby or trying not to! She listens, she laughs, she gives you options, she is a wealth of wide-ranging knowledge and experience, and she is a gift to women and babies.”



“It's hard to put into words how much my experience with Jo means to me. When I got pregnant I was going through a major career change, considering a cross-country move– and then adding a baby to the mix. It was such an intense time. But every appointment with Jo would reset me, and I'd walk out feeling like I could do it. And then I did it. And it was great.  I could not recommend her more.”



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