Holistic Gynecology


Your  annual exam doesn’t have to be miserable.

At Nettle Wellness we offer compassionate, holistic gynecological care that inspires and supports.

Visits are comprehensive and holistic, with time for both counseling and clinical assessment. We’ll go over general wellness, nutrition, and emotional health, as well as any lab work and annual tests needed. Prescription medications and outside testing can be ordered as needed.


Some of the services we provide:  

  • annual exams

  • breast / chest exams

  • pap smears

  • mammogram referrals

  • lab work/screenings

  • STI testing

  • birth control (hormonal and non-hormonal options)

  • diaphragm fittings (yes people still use these!)

  • IUD insertions

  • fertility & preconception

  • termination & miscarriage support  



Nettle Wellness is a comprehensive medical practice. We can prescribe medications, make referrals, order tests, and work with you to make all the decisions needed when managing your wellness needs. Jo is here with you every step of the way, and is committed to your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Whenever possible, we make an effort to take a natural and holistic approach to caring for you.


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