frequently asked questions


I’m not pregnant. Can I still come to you for care?

Yes! Jo is board-certified and trained to care for women from adolescence to post-menopause. She can act as your primary care provider if you are a generally healthy person. She has a license to prescribe medications, order and interpret diagnostic labs and ultrasounds.


what hospital do you deliver at?

All patients at Nettle Wellness deliver at Mount Sinai West Hospital. The Labor & Delivery suite offers continuous and intermittent fetal heart monitoring, and bathtubs and showers in each labor room. Jo recommends taking the hospital tour if you are considering coming to her practice. The tour can be done at any stage of pregnancy. Information can be found by calling (212) 523 6091.


What about pain relief in labor? What if i want an epidural?

You can absolutely have an epidural if that is what you choose. At Mount Sinai West, we have access to bathtubs, nitrous oxide, and epidurals. Jo will also help you through your labor with massage, and by finding positions that help ease you through your contractions. She is here to help guide you through this decision and do whatever is best for you and your baby.


Can I get a doula?

Yes! Doulas can provide invaluable support. If you don’t know of a doula but want one, Jo is happy to help you find one that fits your budget and desires.


What if there are complications in my pregnancy or labor?

If medical complications develop in pregnancy, Jo has an excellent relationship with the Maternal Fetal Medicine high-risk faculty doctors at Mount Sinai West. In most cases, Jo will remain the primary provider for your pregnancy but might co-manage with a doctor. If complications were to come up in labor and delivery at the hospital, Jo will call upon the on-call OB attending at Mount Sinai West as back-up.


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