Comprehensive Prenatal Care

Pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period are profoundly transformational experiences.

At Nettle Wellness our approach is holistic and individualized. Jo is here to help guide you to make informed decisions through your pregnancy and birth, and give you the tools you’ll need to become a confident and nurturing parent.

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Prenatal Care

Prenatal visits are a time for clinical assessment, emotional support and education during your pregnancy.

care will also include:  

  • lab work and genetic testing

  • referrals for sonograms

  • monitoring of the health and growth of mom & baby

  • general healthcare during pregnancy

  • nutrition & exercise counseling

Prenatal visits range from sixty to ninety minutes, every month until 28 weeks, twice a month until 36 weeks, and weekly until labor begins.


labor & delivery

Labor is a wild and intense experience. Our goal is to ensure that you are getting the best care possible and that decisions are being made based on what is best for you and your baby. We want you to feel empowered by your birth.  

Guidance in labor will include:

  • medical management of your labor at Mount Sinai West Hospital

  • pain management assistance

  • use of medications, if needed

  • pushing in various positions

  • delivery of your baby

  • physical evaluation postpartum

  • initiating breastfeeding

  • medical discharge from the hospital

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postpartum support

The first few days after your baby is born are often the most challenging and emotional for you and your family. During this transformative stage, Jo will help you ease into your new roles as a parent.

She’ll give:

  • two postpartum visits in the comfort of your own home

  • one postpartum visit in the office

  • maternal support

  • lactation guidance & breast health advice

  • birth healing assessments

  • postpartum mood support

Postpartum visits are scheduled on days three to five, around day ten and the last one is in the office at 6 weeks after your birth.


pelvic floor therapy

Pregnancy and birth bring dramatic changes to our bodies. That’s why pelvic floor therapy is part of comprehensive prenatal care at Nettle Wellness.

Therapy is directed by Sonia Reiter, a pelvic floor specialist. All of our clients will have an in-office visit with Sonia to guide and equip you with tools to strengthen your pelvic floor and abdominals.

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Nettle Wellness is a comprehensive medical practice. We can prescribe medications, make referrals, order tests, and work with you to make all the decisions needed when managing your pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Jo is here with you every step of the way, and is committed to your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Whenever possible, we  make an effort to take a natural and holistic approach to caring for you and your newborn.


You’re never alone — Jo is available to her prenatal patients 24/7, from the very first visit until 12 weeks postpartum.


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